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A Tribute to HUD

HUD (1963) / Paramount Pics
Directed By: Martin Ritt
Starring: Paul Newman, Melvyn Douglas, Patricia Neal, Brandon deWilde
Costumes: Edith Head

~ Won 3 Academy Awards in 1964:

Best Actor in a Supporting Role - Melvyn Douglas

Best Actress in a Leading Role - Patricia Neal
Best Cinematography, Black-and-White - James Wong Howe

Paul Neuman plays Hud Bannon, a self absorbed, thirty-something booze loving prick that is watching the family ranch go into bankruptcy under the less than skilled direction of his father Homer (Melvyn Douglas).
Paul Newman & Melvyn Douglas
Paul Neuman should have won an Oscar for "Best looking pair of jeans on a great looking body"

Brandon de Wilde with Paul Neuman

Brandon de Wilde plays Hud's Nephew Lonnie, Son of Hud's older brother Norman. Lonnie's father was killed in an accident that was caused by Hud.  The young Lonnie admires his uncle and they are more like brothers than uncle-nephew. Their relationship has grown over time and the two care a great deal for each other. Hud, on the other hand is using his bond with Lonnie to drive a wedge between him and his father.

Brandon de Wilde
Brandon de Wilde

"Lonny" - Brandon de Wilde
Brandon de Wilde with Melvyn Douglas

After buying some cheap Mexican cattle that turned out to have Foot and Mouth disease, the farm is quarantined and the cattle must be destroyed. Hud tries to sell the cattle before anyone finds out but his father has no choice other than destroy the whole herd and bury them.

Paul Neuman and Patricia Neal

Having his dreams of becoming heir to the family ranch shattered, Hud tries to have his father declared incompetent and turns his affections - or rather his lust, toward their housekeeper, Alma (Patrica Neal). 

Alma struggles with the drunken  Hud until Lonnie comes to her rescue.
Patricia Neal and Brandon de Wilde

Alma leaves town to get away from Hud as his world rapidly falls apart. Lonny's faith in Hud is shattered.

Want to watch a great old movie?  Look for Hud. You won't be disappointed.

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