Monday, April 29, 2013

Prominent Packages

Head turning bulges on hot looking guys.

Nothing like a nice pair of denims, framed by a nice pair of chaps, worn by a handsome and fit cowboy to shape things into an appealing bulge and draw your attention to the perfect package.
Comfortable and relaxed, he is easy on the eyes and appealing to the senses.
Looks like he is carrying things "right" where they look the best.
Long, lean, and nicely packed.
Handsome and hung, all packed into a perfectly shaped mound.
Right leaning cock and left handed balls...
Love that bulge. Love those Jeans, that belt, buckle and - heck, what's not to love?
Tongue teaser.  Let me help you free that pent up beast.
Yup. Looks like it is safe for now but let me pull the pin on that grenade...
Haulin' a load.

Nicely shaped bulge.

Left dangling peeker.
Very snug, low rise and a hot, wide leather belt.
Huge bulge.  Hard to hide that one.
Wish I was that seat...
Relaxed, handsome and appealing. Those jeans look a little tight.  Let me help you loosen things up a bit.
Don't be shy. If you want that bulge covered, let me do it for you.
Snug jeans with a good looking shapely bulge.
Yellow temptations...
Ready for some action?

Friendly smile, great looking body and Look! You brought me a package!
Nicely stuffed into those slacks.
If you rub it the Jeanie will come out and grant your wish.
Great looking guy with a tempting crotch.
Looks like he is really packing something in there.
Great body, great face and great package.
Looks a little painful, let me get those off you...
Nice meaty package. Just my style.

Nice fitting jeans. Just tight enough to show a great looking package.
Yes, I am staring. Thanks.
At the bottom of most every great looking torso there is a great opportunity.
Ok, you grab his but I get yours...
Classic beauty.
Vintage dangle.
Tired of waiting?  I am ready NOW!
Ready for a workout?  How about a nice "rubdown?"
Great shoulders, great chest, nice narrow waist and a hell of an inviting bulge.
Just hangin' 'round.
Nice old favorite, nice body and nice package,
Hot and bulging...
Best construction uniform ever.
Perfect body with a perfect package.
His best "Come hither" look.

Leather, jeans and a nice bulge.  Hot looking face to boot!

Why I love Rock Climbing.
Everybody should have to wear one of those...
Harness Bulge.
Keep on coming... I'll wait.
Poetry in motion.

Great bulge and the massive meat is almost out...
One of my all time favorites.

Traffic stopper!
Handsome cowboy in nicely snug jeans.

"Come hither" look with a nice package to open.
Now... Put it all together - Hot guy - Cowboy gear - Leather - Nice Bulge.  Yup!
Pushing against that buckle. Real nice...
Older pic but still a great bulge.
Wonderful package. Great face.
Leather love - Jeans in Chaps.

Handsome and hung.

Nice body, nice outfit, nice bulge.
Snug yet comfortable.

Fills out those shorts nicely.

Friendly smile and an inviting bulge.

Just couldn't help myself.

If I have to ride the train, I might as well enjoy the scenery.
Sucking that cigars is getting him ready for sucking something else.

Hot looking guy in a great fitting uniform.
Awesome body, great eyes and an inviting package to explore.
Cute guy showing off his assets.
Yup, it's still there.
I'm getting excited watching him get excited.
Casually awesome with a great bulge.
Funny how that color shows off so well.
We can see where this is going to lead.  Look at that bulge!
Casual in snug black leather.
Bulging in all the right places.
I'd love to get into that uniform.
Riding uniforms leave so little to the imagination - fortunately.
Handsome and seductive. Awesome face, nice body and a distracting bulge in those jeans.
This is what a fit body looks like. Perfect fit in those shorts.
Chris Pine's leather clad crotch.
Sweet in soooo many ways.
Nice tight shiny bulge you have there.
Handsome and so, so casual with his great looks.
Remember, he delivers packages for a living.
Love those safety harnesses.
Love those washboard abs and that tight little lump in his pants.
Can't turn this down.
Well proportioned and well endowed.
Handsome hunk.
Leather Love
Uniform Love

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