Monday, April 8, 2013

Firm in All the Right Places

Couldn't resist this one.
Nice Levi's Ass.

What a view! Takes a nice ass to look this good from this angle.
Smuggling Grapefruit?
Oldie - but still a favorite.


  1. 34, Cool brother how about we get high and have some serious business one on one

  2. 37, Man sure like turn that item into a flagpole and get rimmed up the ass

  3. 41 , I thought its us guys getting tight up and screwed

  4. # 34
    Hey Dude how about you and I get in the Rover and check out a secluded place and really get to know each a lot better

  5. # 34 Cool bro love to spend time with you and get into some down to earth sex M2M

  6. Photo 34
    Man like to explore with you not only in the rover but that body Mr, Hunk (LETS BOOK A ROOM)

  7. # 42
    Officer sure like to shot blanks with you in the woods ( how about it )

  8. I'm Gay and you are CuteAugust 16, 2015 at 4:49 PM

    # 41
    Hi Cute how about we check out the manhood and see if you like being a gay cop or a straight cope and which one you prefer

  9. # 69
    Looks like you need to get in the Gym more often great package but to much muscle

  10. # 37
    Man love tp explore you in and out and nurse that cock to a climax's

  11. # 37
    Bro like to take you home with me and nurse on you until the well runs dry

  12. # 34
    Oh My God, Love to get into a road rage with you and make out in the back of your land- Rover or any place where I can feast on you Bro you are hot and delicious looking

  13. # 34
    Man if I see you I would make a point to do my best to interest you in some down to earth driving hard sex pleasure

  14. # 34
    Man I Love you can I have your E-Mail so we can have !!!

  15. # 5
    Hi Bro how about we ship the work and get into some serious down to earth hot body contact and shoot a couple course of manhood down in (IYKWIM) dude

  16. # 68
    Hi Sexy how about you and I dance into some hot and down to earth raw manhood satisfaction and pleasure M2M

    1. Bro sure like to boggy into something with you,love that chest and those tits and from the looks of that crotch it could be a night to remember

  17. #41 Ace in the hole
    Officer how about we shoot up a storm in a 69 and after that we trick and treat each of merry bliss

  18. # 41 Man like to have go with you and get you to open up m2m bliss


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