Thursday, March 22, 2012

Just Hot Cowboys - Lots of 'em!

Finding myself working alone in an all night job where I had to monitor equipment that would wake the dead if I missed anything, plus had to run a 5 minute test every two hours, I got really, really bored. I opened up my laptop and went mining for golden nuggets of Cowboy Manhood.

Aren't you glad I got bored?
Maybe I'll get bored like this again...


  1. I sure hope you get bored again. Loved these.

  2. Oh Heck Ky!
    I just discovered these pics, dunno how long they've been here waiting to be discovered, but I wish I'd found them sooner! Some few I already knew, but most are new to me and the most amazing thing of all is that from first to last there isn't one that I don't like! I'd ride the range or ride them all (or they could ride me). Incredible, cos I'm really picky and would have expected to only like at best half of them, but every single one! Of course I already have a few favourites, not least the guy standing in the creek with wet denims covering his sexy butt. If the other pages (i.e. uniforms, swimwear etc) are as good, I'm in for a treat (and a whole heap of dirty laundry!) I think I'll eke them out rather than devour them all in one 'sitting'!
    Thanks a whole load (several in fact!)


  3. 46 , A guy sure could work up and appetite working around you all hot and sweaty .

    1. Cowboy, I like to fall in the hey with you, trick and treat myself to manhood

  4. 70, Bro sure like to bunk with you and ETC

  5. # 46 Bro sure like to bunk in with you sometime and share your manhood and Etc


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